Fat transfer, face lift, cheeks implant or fillers? (Photos)

I had fat lose and scaring from thermage/RF please see photos of before & after , on the after photos i have fillers to the cheeks and chin but this doesn't seem to help much. My question is what would be best for my face shape and can my cheeks look the same or similar as before the damage ? Please note that the scars on the cheeks feels slightly hard when touching .

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Chin/Cheek Augmentation -- Fillers such as Radiesse, Voluma, Perlane/Fat/Implant

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Fillers, fat and implants can improve the facial symmetry and volume.  it is very rare to have true facial volume loss from thermage/RF.  please post before and after photos that are standardized. Consider long term prp/sculptra injections.  See a laser expert.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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What is best for my face?

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At this time, I would suggest to avoid any further treatment and let all the fillers disappear completely so you can start over. From that point on, I would suggest keeping things simple. The challenge is you have an attractive face to start, so simplicity is key, in my opinion. I would suggest Voluma in the cheeks and juvederm in the areas around the mouth and lips. Stay up on Botox as well. For the skin surface, try microneedling, which is a great way to smoothen the skin and stimulate collagen. An alternative would be to start a good medical grade skin care line, such as Obagi. All of the above avoid surgery for now. It helps to establish with a plastic surgeon who can open up discussions about surgery when the time comes. I wish you all the best!

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