Is it possible for me to get a Fat Transfer after Implant Removal and is there anything you can do about the scar? (photos)

I had tubular breasts which were correct a year and 3 months ago with an implant tear shaped. I lost weight after the surgery, so without implants let's say I am an A with implants a large B. In the healing process my stichtches popped leaving this huge ugly scar I can hardly look at. Which looks like just a different deformity to what I had before. Basically I'm 20 have always been unhappy with my breasts. Thought surgery would help, did not like the feel of the implants, I want fat transfer.

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Breast revision

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It is best to seek a consultation with a surgeon experienced in breast revision.  You will need to be evaluated to see if you are a good candidate for fat transfer.  Scar revision can be done at the same time as the breast revision generally.

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Asymmetries can be addressed and fat is an option along with scar revision

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Thanks for your question and the photos. There is a lot going on here so I would need to examine you to give a list of recommendations. If you truly had a tuberous breast, then the original implant did wonders. You don't seem to have a shape resembling a person with a prior tuberous breast. The widened vertical scar can be resected, however there might be some flattening of the lower pole in pulling the two sides together. If you are over a year out from implant removal then it probably is safe to do. Fat is always an option and would give a little more volume/shape. Since you are young, your elasticity should allow for some degree of remodeling. Each breast basically has to be looked at individually and then as a pair trying to improve overall symmetry. Find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area that is an ASAPS member and specializes in cosmetic breast surgery. The Smart Beauty Guide is an excellent resource. Best of Luck!

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Tubular Breast

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Pictures show multiple major issues of the breasts.

Need in person examination, review of what was done, the healing process, then consider the options available for long lasting correction

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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