What facial feminization procedures would I benefit from the most? (Photo)

I am seriously considering FFS and would like to have it done in late Jan/Early Feb. I don't have a huge amount to spend but enough to get some key procedures done. With that said I am looking for opinions of the procedures that would produce the greatest impact. I have been living full time as a woman for 18 months now and feel that my nose is first and foremost on my wish list to be done but in your honest opinions what would benefit me the most....

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Several options


You'd benefit from a rhinoplasty, forehead surgery, a lip lift, jaw shaping, and a tracheal shave.  That's a good start to help you look quite feminine.  Best of luck.

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What facial feminization procedures would I benefit from the most?

Rhinoplasty will yield very nice improvements in appearance, but actual feminization will be achieved most by anterior hairline (trichophytic) forehead lift (brow lift) with bony contouring of the supra-orbital ridge. Both can be done at the same operative setting.

Tracheal shave would be next on my list, and chin reduction should also be considered, as I do both of these procedures from the same submental incision. Best wishes on your continued transition! Dr. Tholen

Richard H. Tholen, MD, FACS
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