Eyebrow transplant for Lasered off eyebrow? (Photo)

A quater of my eyebrow on the right side and a little on the left had been Lasered off on 14/08/2016 and it has been 9 weeks with no regrowth. The practitioner shot the hairs three times, so it damaged the roots. I've so far invested in latisse, rogaine, dermarolling...etc and been doing this since week one. I am getting married on April 2017. I need my eyebrows in their natural state back and fast.

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Eyebrow transplant after laser hair removal


There is only 6 months remaining before the wedding date, or there about. Hard to say if that is enough time for an eyebrow transplant to grow in. That is far better than a woman that visited me to get an eyebrow transplant because she was planning on getting married. The problem was the wedding was only a few weeks away, she deleted to proceed with surgery. The hairs were left a few mm long, the transplant eyebrow was largely present for the wedding but of course it could have shed. Give yourself time!


Bernardino A. Arocha, MD

Houston Hair Restoration Surgeon
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You are in a rush to get your eyebrows back. If you transplanted them today, in 6 months you might have reasonable growth to the eyebrows. There is risk here, it could be less or more than 6 months. 

William Rassman, MD
Los Angeles Hair Restoration Surgeon
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