Eyebrow lift surgery? I don't know where to start. 3 months ago I went for tummy tuck. My surgeon offered me free Botox (Photo)

And my forehead went all down. I were in panic because I didn't want back to work like that so I ask him what about now he mention eyebrow lift surgery for raise me central eyebrows so nearly 3 moths and I think the botox is gone and my expression haven't comeback like was ..... plus whenever he did eyebrow lift surgery. He told me for put close the eyebrow make wee cut and we put them more clos.WY I can't raise my eyebrow like before if cut bit of the skin how can strech? Help me please

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Was surgery done? Or just Botox?

If just Botox, your function will return... the Botox is not permanent.  If surgery, then you need to clarify just what was done since your story is very confusing and difficult to follow.  You do have some funky expression but I have no idea from your history as to what was done.  Best to see your surgeon and see if you can get an explanation of what is happening and any reassurances you may need.

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Eyebrow lift surgery?

I think you can relax, Botox never causes permanent weakness. When the botox is truly worn off the eyebrow position will return to its natural location. It was put in the wrong location or the brows would not have dropped. But from reading your story you definitely should consider changing to another doctor. Under no circumstance should you jump into putting scars on your forehead at this age. You will have them forever, they cannot be removed, and you will probably hate them. No knowledgeable surgeon should be recommending that after only 3 months of botox. 

Ronald V. DeMars, MD
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