Disastrous crowns done abroad in Europe - Pls look at pics and advise. What can I do? What are my rights? (UK citizen). (photos)

Teeth were bad due to illhealth, Ive calcium deficiency/req magnesium transfusions. Told gums likely to start receding. Crowns 5/2016, not yet permanent. They 1) are too big in size & shape, 2) are causing my gums to recede, 3) are too thick & heavy, 4) gumline red/inflamed, 5) they dont fit over my back teeth prob bcos 6) front teeth jut out/lie flat, they dont face downward & are moulded in one block. No groove/seperation on back. To see Dentist soon. Can I insist Tech redo/can I get refund?

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Unhappy with crowns done in Europe #DrSoftTouch

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I would recommend seeing your dentist to discuss your concerns. In good faith, your dentist may opt remake your crowns, but you will likely not get a refund. I always recommend looking a before and after photos of the doctor you are considering. These are usually a pretty good indication of the results you can expect for yourself. I hope this helps. Click save on the save button below my name, so that you may ask me more questions in the future.

Disaster crowns done in Europe.

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There are excellent dentists in Europe, Mexico, India and the US.  There is also lots of borderline and downright bad dentistry done in all of these areas.  Let the buyer beware is a good axiom, especially when it comes to having dentistry done outside the US.

I suggest you contact the doctor who did the work and explain the problem.  There is usually no legal remedies other than the doctors professionalism.

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