Deviation has reappeared. Any suggestions?

After having a septo-rhinoplasty done 15 months ago my deviation has reappeared in a fairly noticeable fashion. Even though i was warned this could happen i was surprised it is so evident. Is a revision septoplasty likely to be successful

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Deviation has reappeared. Any suggestions?

One of the challenges of rhinoplasty is scar formation. Scars contract and may pull the nose back to the preoperative position. You may require additional structure to your nose to help it withstand the scar's pull.

I would recommend first meeting with your primary surgeon to discuss the issue. You need to be examined in person and photographed to compare to your nose before and after surgery. If you do seek out revision rhinoplasty, it is important that you meet with a revision specialist as the complexity and the risks are much higher after you've already had one surgery. Safety comes first. 

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Deviation reappearance

I would recommend seeing your doctor again. If you are unhappy you could always consult with another doctor who specializes in revision surgery to talk about it. Depending on your symptoms, more surgery may be needed.

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