Dermal melasma resistant to all treatments; is dermabrasion a possible treatment option?

I am fair skinned indian woman and want effective treatment for melasma. I want to try dermabrasion since it can remove some of the deep melasma too. I developed more melasma due to laser hair removal and get PIH from acne too. do you think dermabrasion is too much risk for my skin type and the fact that I am prone to get melasma? please doctors, don't respond with other treatment options. I only want to know your opinion on dermabrasion for my case. Thanks

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Dermal melasma and Melarase creams

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I would use a combination of Melarase creams, Melapads, light chemical peels, and fractional laser resurfacing to help reduce the dermal melasma. Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Start with simple solutions

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Dermabrasion is contra-indicated in a high risk patient for post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.  Dermabrasion is difficult to control the depth of treatment/injury and  you might suffer from areas of irregular pigmentation as well as PIH.   For others who suffer from melasma (patches of discoloration) one should start with a person skilled in treatment and understand one would start off with simple solutions such as skin care, topical creams etc. prior to jumping to more expensive treatments with more significant side affects.

Dean L. Johnston, MD
Orlando Plastic Surgeon

Dermal melasma resistant to all treatments; is dermabrasion a possible treatment option?

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Thanks for your query. If you are looking for dermabrasion then surgical dermabrasion is a good option as it erodes till the dermal layer giving you a new skin. Apart from that TCA peel, Q switched NDYAG is a good option. You canshow it to a dermatologist and after physical examination they can guide you better.All The Best

Ajaya Kashyap, MD
India Plastic Surgeon
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