How common is it to develop acne after rhinoplasty?

If acne develops how can it be cleared up and how common is this?

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Rhinoplasty: acne on the nose.

After rhinoplasty, surgical tape and a cast is kept on the nose for 7 days. It has to be kept dry, which means you can't wash the skin on your nose for a whole week.After the tape and cast are removed, it is important to aggressively clean and exfoliate the skin as clogged pores can develop a carpet of pimples on your nose. Popping the pimples can create a deeper infection that cause a major problem while you are healing from your rhinoplasty. I recommend seeing your surgeon so they can examine your nose and help clean your nose safely. Safety comes first. 

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Develop acne after rhinoplasty?

Tape and a cast is applied across the nose for six days after the surgical procedure. Some patients who have oily skin can get some smaller  eruptions temporarily after the rhinoplasty procedure on their nose. These are best treated with medical management. Long-term acne does not occur after rhinoplasty procedure

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Acne after rhinoplasty ?

Some people develop pimples underneath the splint for the short time that it is on.  It is very short lived.  There are generally people who where prone to ance before surgery.  I have not seen people develop longstanding acne after rhinoplasty.

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