Can I change my nose this much? Would it be a hard to do nose job or not? (Photos)

Is my nose suitable for this kind of nose job? Would it be hard to change my nose into my desired one? To me my nose just seems more flared than those ones. But i don't know! Also these noses are of Korean girls and as I am also of Asian descent I wondered whether it would be better to go to Korea to get it done? As I live in London and there are no surgeons who seem to specialise in East Asian rhinoplasty

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Asian Rhinoplasty

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While it's not possible to give you exactly the same nose as the picture, it is possible to incorporate the same aesthetic themes to your nose.  It is possible to increase the height, projection and definition of your nose to be similar to the photos you have posted, while still being in harmony with your facial features.

Tissue from your own body (autologous grafts) will give you a safer, more permanent result than synthetic implants. While en bloc cartilage grafts, especially from the rib, can warp over time, there are ways to eliminate this problem.  Especially for dorsal augmentation (building up the bridge) using cartilage that is finely diced and wrapped in fascia taken from your scalp can be made into a custom size and shape for your particular nose (DCF). By dicing the cartilage the problem of warping is eliminated, and since it is tissue from your own body, it quickly becomes incorporated into your nose within 2-3 weeks. Results are certainly surgeon dependent, so it's important to do your research in finding an Asian rhinoplasty specialist. 

Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Close to feasiblity

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If you meet a high-end and top skilled surgeon with experience in complex ethnic noses he'll be able to perform your custom request up to 80-90% of the wished models.

However this will take a complete set of grafting, tip re-support, tip re-definition, Sheen's grafting, alar grafting, eventually septal grafting and obviously nostrils reduction.

Please do post or send privately a full set of good quality, well lit and focused standard photos: frontal, both lateral views and both oblique views, also from underneath the nostrils.

Feel free to request any additional information from me.

Alejandro Nogueira, MD
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Asian Rhinoplasty (Ethnic Rhinoplasty)

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Based on the pictures you uploaded, you seem to have thick skin, short columella, wide alar base, and reverse axis nostril. These features are very common for South East Asians. I could provide you more detailed answer if you upload a picture including your mouth and chin. A majority of Asians tend to have the characteristics of mid face retrusion along with mouth protrusion, and if this is your case, it is recommended to have autogenous rib cartilage rhinoplasty because a lot of tip projection is needed. Unlike implant (silicone), autogenous rib cartilage is much safer in terms of side effects. Additionally, rib cartilage rhinoplasty not only focuses on the shape of nose but also the relationship between nose and mouth. Improving the shape of nose and mouth at the same time with rib cartilage is most likely to create harmonious face. Of course, it is essential to research in Asian rhinoplasty and look for an experienced plastic surgeon who performs rib cartilage rhinoplasty.

Myung Ju Lee, MD, PhD
South Korea Plastic Surgeon
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