Why is there no change as its been a month since I had Coolsculpting on my over hanging belly and love handles?

I had Coolsculpting on my stomach and love handles a month ago and can see no improvement at all. If I now book up Liposuction as at least it removes fat at the time of treatment would this be compromised by the Coolsculpting I've had.

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Why is there no change as its been a month since I had Coolsculpting on my over hanging belly and love handles?

Thank you for your question. The results take about 9-12 weeks to show. I would suggest waiting a few months. You may be happy with the results. All the best. 


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Why is there no change as its been a month since I had Coolsculpting on my over hanging belly and love handles?

CoolSculpting results typically are seen 1-3 months following treatment. If you have a significant overhang of your abdomen then this implies excess skin. This is unlikely to go away completely with CoolSculpting.

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CoolSculpting Results

Hello and thank you for reaching out. Although a month seems like a long time for results, the results can take up to 6-8 weeks to start showing, and final results can take up to 3 months. I would suggest giving your CoolSculpting treatments a few more weeks and then consider liposuction if you are still wanting more of a change in your appearance. Best Wishes. 

CoolSculpting Results

It is still a bit early for you to see the results from your CoolSculpting procedure. Most patients start to see results at 6 weeks, but it takes 3 months to appreciate full results.  In the appropriate candidate, CoolSculpting is an excellent, non-invasive way to reduce problem areas.

Liposuction may still be an option, but I would allow time for your CoolSculpting to work before proceeding with surgery.  At your 3 month CoolSculpting follow up, your provider should review your before and after pictures.  At that point, if you are wanting a more significant change, liposuction could be considered.

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No Change From Coolsculpting After 1 Month

Your final results from Coolsculpting will take 3 months to see. The ideal candidate for Coolsculpting is someone who is close to their ideal body weight. When you need more than a few rounds of treatment to the same area to reach your ideal end result the price of Coolsculpting can exceed that of liposuction. Be patient and let treatment take its course. Hopefully you have good "before" pictures to compare the results at your next follow up appointment. If you decide in the next few months that you have not achieved the results you wanted from Coolsculpting, liposuction may be an option for you depending on skin laxity. Coolsculpting will not compromise those results. 

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No change

Your description of "overhanging belly" concerns me about whether you were a good candidate for Coolsculpting. Remember that it takes about 3 months, and the procedure will reduce the number of fat cells in the treatment area by about 25%. You can be far more aggressive with liposuction, but laxity (i.e. overhang) can get worse. Before deciding which way to go be sure to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

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Coolsculpting and Results NYC

The reason why you can't tell after one month is that you should no noticeable effect after such a short time.  It really takes 3 to 4 months until you can see the full effects.  If after that time you need more treatment you can still have a more aggessive procedure like liposuction.  Please consult a specialist in Coolsculpting to see if you were a good candidate.  Best, Dr. Green

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No change one month after CoolSculpting

It can take three months to see the full effect from a CoolSculpting treatment so it is not unusual that you have seen no visible change one month after the treatment to your abdomen and love handles.  I would wait another two months before judging your results.  Liposuction can be performed after CoolSculpting without a problem.  

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