Would I be the right candidate for Buccle Fat Removal? (Photos)

Hi there, I am a 24 year old, 100lb female with the cheeks of an 8 year old chipmunk! This trait runs in my family but mine are probably worse than my mother's/grandmother's. Would buccle fat removal be the right move to get rid of my chubby cheeks?

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Buccal Fat removal

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Yes, you are a candidate for the procedure. Your lower face is full and there is more fullness on your right. This can be evened out  by removing more from the right than the left. Liposuction of the face or neck is NOT indicated however. Best,

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Buccal Fat removal

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Thanks for submitting your photos.Based on them you are a good candidate for a bishop removing procedure.It is an easy procedure and it is suitable to be done under local anesthesia.Latest 3 month later you will see the result. Please comsult with a board certified plastic surgeon.

Would I be the right candidate for Buccle Fat Removal? = it could be a possibility #buccalfatremoval #buccalfat #chubbycheeks

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Chubby lower cheeks could be secondary to either excess of fat in the cheek or underdeveloped cheekbones.Chubby lower cheeks could be improved with either buccal fat removal or cheek enhancement (fillers/implants) or both. Patients interested in determining what plastic surgery could help to improve chubby lower cheeks should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedures of the face

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