Butt Augmentation appointment. Any suggestions?

Hi Doctors I had an appointment at Harley Street London today and saw a lovely surgeon My issue is that he didn't have any before or after photos to show me?? He also didn't have any butt implants Instead he showed me breast implants which he also said he could use for hip projection.. He measured my butt 16cm across and 17 cm height for both buttock He said fat harvesting wouldn't work not enough fat? What do I do ? I'm not confident in this surgeon sadly left with mixed feeling Any advice ?

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Buttock Augmentation

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Thank you for your question.

If you are not confident in a surgeon and are having mixed feelings you should seek other consultations. If he did not have any photos or buttock implants to show you in the office I would be concerned that this is a procedure he does not commonly perform.

His suggestion to use breast implants to give hip projection is incredibly concerning.

Keep looking for another surgeon.

Best of Luck,

Butt augmentation appointment

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It sounds as though you have already answered ypur own question. Any surgeon that does not have "before and after" photos to show you nor has any legitimate buttock implants to display, much less suggests using breast implants, is someone you should run away from and never look back. Buttock augmentation with implants is a procedure with very little room for error and performed by a very few select board certified plastic surgeons. Glad to help

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