Bullhorn ore corner lift. (photos)

Hello ! I am 6 month after facelift . Swoolen parts gone , thanks for it . But I am not younger than before ! In fact I am older . Is it because of a. Long distance between my nose and upper lip ore something else ? Please , answer , my face keep changing after facelift . I was worried about chin implant before , but now I think it is not area to be worried about . My trouble now is mouth . What do you think ?

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Lip lifts

Lip lifts are a potent procedure.  Both the options you asked about are great.  The bullhorn lifts more the central lip and the corner lip the lateral lip.  If you are ok with smalls scars just above the corners of your lips I would do both.  Those scars are faint and can be covered with a little bit of makeup.  The bullhorn I think is a no brainer as the scars are usually well hidden at the nose.

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Face lift - looking older. Will a lip lift help?

Thank you for asking about your face lift and lip lift.
  • Without seeing before as well as after photos, one can't comment on how you look now.
  • If your upper lid measures 1.8 cm or longer from the bottom of the nose to the bottom of the cupids bow, a lift lift may be helpful.
  • You also appear to still be swollen - face lift swelling can take more than six months to completely subside
  • So ask your plastic surgeon before doing more.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

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