Why are my breasts oddly shaped? (Photo)

I had a breast lift and 300cc implants around 4 months ago, I am so unhappy with the shape. I wanted they to be big and round and got this, please advice me why this could be and what I could do?? Is there a chance that my surgeon will fix this?

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Breast lift results

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Sorry to read that you are disappointed with the results of your surgery.  It would be helpful to review your “before” photos together with more specifics about the type of breast lift and implants you had performed. Its possible that your breast lift was not enough to offer you the results you were anticipating.  Discuss your concerns and options with your plastic surgeon.

Unhappy with Breast Lift Results?

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From your photo, there are some areas that could be improved but this can only be determined by looking at your preop photos. This has a significant impact on the end result. The best answer will come from your surgeon. Keep in mind that frequently, it is difficult to make larger breasts look big and round as your natural tissue softens the look of the implant. 

Best of luck,

Vincent Marin, MD

San Diego Plastic Surgeon

Oddly shaped breast

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Thank you for your question and sending the pictures. You should definitely bring up your concerns with your surgeon. It is difficult for me to give you an answer without knowing all your specifics ( i.e. your breast dimensions before surgery, exact type of implants used and your preop pictures). I do feel that another skin tightening procedure can make your breast look better. Good luck. 

Oddly Shaped Breasts After Aug-Pexy (Breast Augmentation with Breast Lift)

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A better assessment could be given if there were "before" photos for comparison. With the limited information given, this appears to be the type of result that occurs when there hasn't been enough of a breast life done in conjunction with the breast augmentation. This often occurs if a periareolar/Benelli/donut lift is performed when really a more significant vertical/lollipop or anchor lift should be done. Saving an incision or incisions for less scar often leads to a flattened breast projection with the breast tissue hanging below the implant, as it looks in your photos. So, it's really not worth the decreased number of scars (which usually tend to heal well anyway) if the overall shape of the breast looks bad. Your breasts are oddly shaped because your natural breast tissue is hanging below the breast implants and is not centered on top of the implant. You may also have some capsular contracture if you notice your breast implants to be firm and non-mobile. These issues can be fixed. Go to a plastic surgeon who does a lot of breast revision surgery. Study his/her before and afters photos to make sure she/he can achieve the look you want. Best of luck!


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You healed very well from the procedure and are very close to an excellent result.  All you need is a contouring procedure to help round out the breast a bit better.  It may be a more than can be done under local anesthesia in the office however.  Best wishes, Dr. T. 

Why are my breasts oddly shaped?

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Thanks for your question and the photos. I'm sorry that you are not happy with your results. Not knowing what your original shape was makes it hard to comment on your outcome. It looks like you have healed quite nicely and scars are fading. You might discuss your concerns with your surgeon and see if there are options. I would caution against adding too much volume in the implant for fear of putting too much stress on the pocket. This can significantly increase your risk of malposition, asymmetry and need for revision surgery. Best of Luck!

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