Breast augmentation with uplift but breasts have now drooped. Thinking of getting a revision. Can this lead to snoopy breasts?

I had a breast augmentation (400cc) over the muscle and an uplift. 6 months post up, my breast are now drooping. My surgeon suggested that he would do a revision with 450 cc under the muscle. Can this lead to me ending up with 'snoopy breast'?. If so, is there any way this can be done without me ending up with 'snoopy breast'?

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Do you want to be larger?

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If not, why larger implants at more costs?  If so, then this is an opportunity for you to go larger.  As for over or under the muscle, if you're drooping already and over the muscle, larger implants will only worsen this.  I find implants placed above the muscle have much more tendency for the 'rock in the sock' look down the road and very few of my patients choose this route.  Conversion to under the muscle will not create a Snoopy deformity.  Make sure you know what you want before having more surgery...

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Drooping after subglandular breast augmentation

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A common misconception is that you can get a lift by placing the implant on top of the muscle. Any lifting is short lived and ultimately results in dropping when the swelling disappears 3-6 months later. As a breast revision specialist, I see this scenario too often. Please see the link below and look at a paper I published called "Poor Practice". You may be at risk of a snoopy dog deformity if you do go under the muscle which I recommend, however you may need a lift. please look at my gallery under breast revision - long term changes associated with implants on top of the muscle. Best of luck to you.

Paul E. Chasan, MD
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Breast Augmentation with lift and now Snoopy

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Hi Dbaiden,

Thanks for your question. Without photos it is difficult to assess your situation in a complete  manner. I am not sure that  I would agree with your surgeons assessment of the situation. If the tissue is droopy then you just need a redo lift, but at 6 months it seems that the wrong type of lift was done. A redo lift will prevent a snoopy breast. If you are uncomfortable with your surgeons recommendations seek another opinion to make sure you are getting the best care possible. But discuss your concerns with your surgeon thoroughly first. Good luck!

All the best,
Carlos Mata MD, MBA, FACS
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Snoopy Breasts After Revision

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Thanks for ur question! I tend to agree that the best plan for u is to change the implants to a sub muscular position and probably do a mastopexy. Revisions are always a possibility in any aesthetic surgery. Hopefully ur original surgeon is a board certified plastic surgeon; if not, I highly recommend u seek one out who has a lot of experience with revisional cosmetic breast surgery. I really enjoy revisional breast surgery, because I'm hopefully taking someone's "lemon"'situation, and making "lemonade" out of it! Best of luck! 

Robert P. Schmid, MD
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Revisions can help

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Thanks for your question. Without seeing before and after pictures it is hard to say. I'm not sure what the rational was for placing the implant above the muscle in the first place. Revisions are always possible, but changing pockets, implant size and the nipple position is taking on a lot of different variables. Best of Luck!

M. Scott Haydon, MD
Austin Plastic Surgeon
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Yes it can.

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A poor cosmetic outcome can always happen which is why we like to recommend you see a board certified plastic surgeon as this is the gold standard for training. Even the best surgeons will have results that need revision. Please post before and after picture to help us help you!

Gregory T. Lynam, MD
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""Drooping" may mean that you are a candidate for breast lifting to avoid "snoopy breasts".

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I am sorry to hear about your concerns after breast augmentation surgery. You are at risk for "snoopy breast deformity" if you have breast ptosis ("sagging").  If breast ptosis is present, you will be best off undergoing breast lifting as a part of the revisionary breast surgery.   Best wishes for outcome that you will be very pleased with.

Revision breast lift with implants 6 months after surgery

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It depends on the reason for the revision - if your implants are still high and the breast tissue is low, redoing the breast lift would be more appropriate.


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When performing a mastopexy with implants there is a risk that the tissue may not come to rest in the optimal position.

Assume the nipple is in ideal position.  If the implant mound settles high, the nipple looks low.  If the implant mound settles low, the nipple looks high. This is always a gamble.

If the nipples were correctly located, and there was no dislocation of the implant by capsular contraction, then this is likely a skin envelope problem.  There would be no reason to relocate the implant. The excess skin can be remeasured and re-draped.

If the mound is perfect but the nipple is low, it can be adjusted.

If the skin envelope was fine, but capsular contracture dislocated the implants upward, you have a more difficult problem to correct.  There is a high chance of capsular contracture recurrence.  Options will vary with degree of deformity and severity  of contracture.  Acellar dermal grafts may offer new hope.

If you have no ripples in the cleavage, or capsular contracture, there is usually no reason to relocate the implants.

Luis Villar, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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