I put botox but my eyebrows both fell down; after mini lift, will this improve?

I put botox but my eyebrows both fail down. The only option I have is to do mini lift. On forehead to rise them up is that right ? But my question is whenever I will do the mini lift for rise eyebrows. After 3 or 4 months whenever the the botox will go I will be able to expression again. Just does t show much the wrinkles on forehead is that right ? Thanks

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Botox & Mini-Facelift

Thanks for your question, and I'm sorry that happened to you w/ the Botox treatment. The mini-facelift will not likely change your eyebrow position. You'd need a brow lift of some variety to change that. However, most of the effects of Botox will be gone by 3 months. I'd wait it out and avoid a big surgery. You should regain all muscle action once the drug is metabolized. I hope that helps you. Best wishes.

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