Blowing nose really hard, 1 year after closed Rhinoplasty. Any suggestions?

Hello, lately I caught rhinis infection , due to obvious symptoms such as green/yellowish mucus discharging from the nose, headaches and pain in the jaw. I have been blowing really hard and constantly for a duration of 2 weeks as I couldn't breath and kept trying to keep my nose clean. However during that period I noticed my left nostril got a bit bigger , which I am pretty paranoid that the growth in size of my left nostril is permanent? Can anyone provide me with an explanation please ?

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Blowing nose really hard, 1 year after closed Rhinoplasty.

I would not worry about this.  You stated that you had your surgery a year ago.  Everything should be pretty well healed.  Follow up with your surgeon for an in person exam to confirm.

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After rhinoplasty, head colds

1 year after your rhinoplasty surgery, you should be doing all your normal activities. 

In that year, you will be extremely lucky to avoid the typical colds that come around each winter. When your nose is blocked with mucus, you should try a sinus rinse to clear things out. It's gentle and puts less strain on the nose than blowing hard into a tissue. I would recommend a follow-up visit with your surgeon so they can make recommendations to get you back on track. 

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