Do I need blepharoplasty? Maybe ptosis? I'm 27 and have dark circles and bags very noticeable. (photos)

I have very bad dark circles around the eyes which make my eyes look very dark. One of the bags under one eye is a lot bigger than the other too. Also closely when I look I have very small spots underneath. I think this is due to too much sun and sun beds several years back. I also feel I have slight case of ptosis. It seems like one eye looks slightly smaller than the other and more of the white bit shows in one. I would like surgery but don't know what would work. Thanks.

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You have profound levator dehiscence with compensatory eyebrow elevation.

We call this latent ptosis.  This makes your upper eyelids look very hollow and depleted.  Surgery is needed to repair the anterior levator. Unfortunately even some very experienced surgeons to not understand this issue. By repairing the disinserted tendons inside the eyelids, the eyelids will be better supported and the eyebrows will relax helping to restore your appearance.  Surgery, not fillers is the answer here.

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You have some ptosis of the right upper lid.  This can be fixed surgically.  See an oculoplastic surgeon to evaluate the eyelid muscles and determine what surgery would be best for you.  You lower lids don't look bad.  They are a little hollow so some filler here would help.  

John J. Martin, Jr., MD
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