Asymmetrical under eye muscles and tendons. I've had it forever I assume it's normal?

other day I was looking in the mirror with low light i noticed when I pulled the lower lid skin tight then flexed my eye ball by closing it half way I noticed the muscle was moving the eye in 2 parts hard to discribe but different to the left, my left eye muscle moves the eye ball as 1entire this normal I get obsessed easily as I have ocd.I showed my mum and she said it's normal and that my right eye muscle and tendons are a different shape and attach slighty differently to the left.

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What is normal.

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This question is very hard to understand, let alone answer. If you are concerned and would like an accurate assessment, see a local doctor.  

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Hello. Without a photo it is difficult to tell what is going on and what your options may be. Your best starting point woud be to meet with a experienced plastic surgeon and ask what your options are. Good luck!

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