Best course of action for aligned botton tooth/teeth, Implants or Veneers? (photos)

What would be the best procedure to fix my misaligned bottom tooth/teeth. My bottom set arent exactly the straightest but they dont bother me apart from I have one tooth that sits further back from the rest and gets discoloured rather easily. I think it was from when my bottom wisdon teeth grew through (and were consequently removed), I think that tooth literally took a back seat! I was thinking perhaps an extraction and then an implant or perhaps Veneers? Thanks.

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Braces or veneers

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a long time solution, is to do braces, and you will have a much better layout of your teeth, and you will have amor even bite, the best way to go but the problem is that you will have to wait at least 1 year, for a result, 

now if you do not want to wait , and make something more fast, then you will need to think in making a smile analysis, and also a clinical examination, this will determine, which tooth needs to be extracted, and which tooth needs to be replaced. 

Orthodontic treatment is your best option

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Orthodontics using Invisalign or conventional braces will be the absolute best most conservative option to treat your condition.  Veneers will be destructive to your healthy tooth structure and would be over-treatment and would probably break the way your teeth are not aligned properly.

Misaligned Teeth

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You're  asking what the best treatment would be for your situation. No one can argue that moving your teeth to make them straight is the best way to go. Either doing Invisalign or using traditional braces is the best way to go. 

Misaligned teeth

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The problem isnt actually just one tooth, teeth#25 and #26 are misaligned. If you take a closer look on both lower canines #22 and #27 the position of both are completely different, #22 is where is supposed to be, #27 is oriented to lingual same as the incisal #26.

To make all of them look the same you will need a gum contouring on tooth #26.

A Porcelain veneer just to make bigger and look like the other wont work, you will need a porcelain veneer too thick with minimum support that will make the veneer to come out very easily.

Invisalign is the recommended treatment for you as it will be very difficult (and expensive) to find a dentist who will remove a healthy tooth just for cosmetic purposes.

Implant, veneer, teeth crowding

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Without X-rays and models it is difficult to give you accurate advice, however, orthodontic treatment with invisilign or braces might be the best option.


Dr. Maddahi

Veneers for alignment

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Thank you for your question and picture. Since your main concern is the one tooth that is set back, I would place a single porcelain veneer on that tooth. An experienced cosmetic dentist can conservatively can do this in 2 appointments. Invisalign is also a good option, and you will be able to straighten and align your other lower teeth as well. Pulling the tooth and placing an implant is not an option I would choose. Nothing is better than your natural teeth! Going thru a surgery is to straighten a tooth is too aggressive and costly!  Not to mention, by the looks of your picture, you may not have room for an implant. If you decide on the veneer, you may want to whiten your teeth first.

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