I have had an abdominoplasty surgery in 2015 November, I am very happy about the way it looks?

way it looks but I think I have had formed seroma it was very soft and runny feel in the beginning it was below but know it's gone bit higher abdomin on my left side. It's not soft I have spoken to my surgeon but his in abroad telling me to take ultrasound his saying it's may be still healing. He did drain it after surgery for two days.

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Long Term Seroma?

Hi nidalim

If you do in fact have a seroma it can be diagnosed with an ultrasound or with an aspiration with needle/seroma.  If your surgeon is not available, have him refer you to a doctor who is covering for him.  No reason for you to go through this on your own.

All the best.


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Seroma cavity 10 months after tummy tuck


Thank you for your questions.  I'm very sorry that you are going through this.  Without being able to see you in person and do a physical exam, it is impossible to be absolutely certain, but I would encourage you to have the ultrasound.  Especially since drainage was necessary after your surgery, a seroma cavity could be present.  

My best advice would be to get the ultrasound and then follow-up with your surgeon to discuss your treatment options.  Best wishes!

Dr. Brown

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TT and seroma

Thank you for your question. Without seeing pictures hard to comment. I recommend to see a PS for evaluation and possible ultrasound to rule out seroma. Good Luck

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Dr Derby

Thank you for your question. It is important to attach some photos to your question so that we can evaluate and answer your question better.Best of luck

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