6 months post-op, has the left implant moved from under the muscle? (photos)

I'm 6mth post op- under muscle implant via areaola and nipple lift. The left implant looks like it's not positioned correctly in comparison to the right. When I flex I also have a deeper, more priominsnt line across the left breast with a hollow in my chest. What's the reason behind this deformaty and can this be corrected? I would also like scar revision on my areola insision scars, how long should I wait for revision? Thank you.

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Possible to revise

Thanks for your question and the photos. The images suggest both implants are still below the muscle. The prominent line you referred to is the edge of the muscle. Without knowing your previous history (prior surgery) and preop photos it's hard to comment. An exam is necessary to look at the position of the implant on the chest wall and position of the nipple areolar complex on the breast. Options might be an internal sling such as Strattice or Galaflex. Not sure if the lift itself would need to be revised. AReolar scar revision could be done after 6 months. My preference would be to wait a full year before doing anything. I think you should communicate your concerns to your surgeon and allow them to voice their opinion. Best of Luck!

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It looks like that your implants sits quite low on your chest and most likely, the implants sit below the native pectorals position.  You still can see animation deformity from traction of the capsule.

I would recommend a full breast lift with repositioning of your breast implants with breast pocket modification.

Best Wishes,

Nana Mizguchi, MD

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Best evaluated in person

I would go see you surgeon and air your concerns.  It appears that the implants are beneath the muscle, assuming you are flexing.

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Implant position

Hi, thanks for your question. 

It looks as though your implants are under the muscle on both sides. I would recommend talking to your surgeon about this as he/she can advise you in how to best correct this. To fully correct the animation, you would need to undergo another procedure. 

Best wishes,

Dr. Blagg

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