6' 160lbs 34b wanting to have 500cc under the muscle, too small/too big? (photos)

So I have booked my breast augmentation surgery in for July but as it is a next day surgery abroad I haven't meet my PS yet and want some opinions on it what I think I want will be possible? I currently a 34b but as I am rather tall I want to know if I could hold 500cc under the muscle?

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Implant size

Thank you for your question. Implant size depending on the breast diameter and your goal and surgeon. Please try some sizers in your PS office and see how you feel about it. Usually taller people can take larger implants and still look good. 

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Determine Implant Size based on Breast Tissue Characteristics

Thank you for your question.

Please know that it is a common misconception that implant size correlates with the bra cup size. A bra-cup size itself requires many measurements to describe it.

Bra sizes vary among manufacturers, and they can label the cup size by any designation they choose. So a C will be a D for another. Additional factors, such as demi and full cup coverage, specific fabrics, padding, and elastics, can all affect the fit of a bra.

If we consider all things being equal – i.e., you get a bra from the same manufacturer and of the same style, - then I think you might find it helpful to know that a study by Dr. Bengtson and Dr. Glicksman titled “Standardization of Bra Cup Measurements” has shown that the average implant volume required to increase the cup-size by 1 size is equal to 205 ccs. It was also found that normally breast augmentation increases the cup size by 2. However, it is also important to consider the profile as even a smaller implant with a high profile can increase cup-sizes by the same amount.

Now, it may be helpful to do bra-sizing trials with the bra of your choice when you go in for a pre-operative consultation with your board-certified plastic surgeon. Now, although you give importance to cup size designation, what should matter most is that the implant looks good aesthetically and that the chosen bra fits and feels comfortable.

The implant has to fit YOUR body dimensions. The more you deviate from the proper fit, the more fake your breasts will look.

Surgeons use your preferences along with what is called tissue-based planning. The planning takes into account the effects of implants on tissues over time, risks of excessive stretch, excessive thinning, visible or palpable implant edges, visible traction rippling, ptosis (Sagging), and breast tissue wasting.

To determine the final implant size, breast measurements need to be made:  base-width, breast skin stretch and nipple-to-Inframammary fold distance. The combination of these measurements will help determine tissue coverage and the required implant volume to optimally fill the breasts.

So please focus more on having full and natural looking breasts rather than trying to fit into a particular bra-cup size. Your breasts seem to have adequate shape and symmetry for a great BBA result.

All this being said, share all your motivations for surgery, expectations and goals with complete honesty to avoid miscommunication and post-operative concerns/regrets. Be as specific as you can about what you like regarding your breasts and what you don’t like. If you trust your surgeon and their judgment and the decision-making method used to choose the implant size, then you should be in good hands.

Hope this helps.

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BREAST augmentation +tummy tuck+mommy makeover

hello and thank you for your question. The size of the implant is determined by the width of your breast. This can be determined and measured by your plastic surgeon very quickly. They will then recommend an appropriate size for your body. It is more important that you pick an appropriate size then think of it in terms of  Cup size. You should pick an implant that is suited to your body.

I hope that this helps!



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Choosing the right size implant

Choosing the right size implant depends on any number of variable all of which require an in person exam. Also, keep in mind, that there is no correlation between cc's and bra cup size as the latter varies greatly by manufacturer. My best advice would be for you to bring photos of the "look" that you desire. This is a much better starting point for an implant discussion than bra size. Best of luck --

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6' 160lbs 34b wanting to have 500cc under the muscle, too small/too big?

You have perfect breast anatomy and shape for an excellent result as long as too large an implant for your body is not selected.  I am concerned about you arriving in a foreign country the day before your procedure for several reasons. One is the hypercoaguability of your blood for 24 hours and the greater risk of a DVT or PE.  Second and equally important is the risk of your doctor not having the ideal variety of implants available to select from during your surgery.  It's so important to not over "stuff" your breasts with implants too large.  This leads me to not select a final implant before the procedure based on dimensions or how a patient feels with a stuffed bra, but to instead base the choice on how your breasts look compared to your goal photos with actual test implants in place. Consequently, I feel that it is very important to have your surgeon take responsibility for the final implant selection based on your goals, goal photos, and the actual appearance of your breasts during surgery when "sizers" or test implants are positioned with you asleep but in a semi-upright position.  I believe that seeing the actual results using different volumes gives me important aesthetic flexibility and accuracy in matching my patients' goals rather than placing the burden of decision on them based on stuffing a bra, etc....  Others get excellent results using other decision methods but I base my choice on 3+ decades of experience.

In summary, think over the disadvantages of meeting your surgeon in a foreign country for the first time right before your procedure and safety issues and choices involved.  Either way, best wishes to you and good luck.  Enjoy your results.  The video above will also discuss my method of implant selection.


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6' 160lbs 34b wanting to have 500cc under the muscle, too small/too big?

Congratulations on your decision to have breast augmentation.  You have very nice normal breast anatomy and should achieve a very nice result with breast augmentation.  Your implant size will be based on a measurement of the base width of your breast and an implant size that matches that width will be chosen. In my experience someone who is 6 feet tall and 160 pounds most likely will be able to accommodate a 500 cc implant which will likely give you a full D cup result.  Good luck.  For more on sizing  please read the link below:

6' 160lbs 34b wanting to have 500cc under the muscle, too small/too big? (photos)

     High profile are taller and narrower implants when compared to moderate profile implants of the same volume.The decision is usually based on the patient breast dimensions, amount of breast that the patient can contribute to the projection and I also factor the patients desires. I try my best to also respect the skin quality and elasticity in order to prevent future drooping due to unnecessarily heavy implants

over or under muscle doesn't dictate what size implant we can use.  The muscle coverage is helpful in very thin patients and seems to reduce capsular contracture according to some scientific studies. Under the breast tissue is the most natural feel and has a less chance of animation deformity when the pectoralis muscle contracts. In most instances only the top implant is covered by muscle and the reset of the implant ends up under the breast tissue.

   Whats the best route to go for achieving natural full breasts? That depends if the needs a breast lift or not and on the size of implant they want. The bigger the implant the less natural it's going to look. Now we also have the silicone that are anatomically shaped and that can give a more natural shape, and less of the round shape of the traditional implants.

Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who has done a ton of breast augmentation and has privileges to do this surgery at a local university hospital. This says his credentials have been checked out by fellow Drs. All surgeries carry risk, talk to your plastic surgeon and choose one wisely.

Many surgeons, including myself, offer online virtual consultations where you send us your photos and we can estimate the cost. I, like many surgeons, also offer free consultations so that you can be examined and given the most accurate quote possible. Please be mindful that the in person physical exam is the most important and could potentially alter your treatment plan.

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6' 160lbs 34b wanting to have 500cc under the muscle, too small/too big?

Just because your body could hold a 500cc implant under the muscle in no way implies it is the right implant for you. That takes a full consultation and exam and hopefully photos of your goal look. If you are going to fly into another area and have surgery the next day how is the surgeon going to have the right selection of implants for you?

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3D imaging for breast augmentation

I would suggest 3D photo imaging to see exactly what you will look like with these implants.  This will allow you to make necessary changes prior to surgery.

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B Cup

It is difficult to advise you as you need a proper exam.  Booking your surgery without meeting and an examination with the operating surgeon does add additional risk to your outcome.  

Hope this helps.

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