3 Weeks Post Op Potential Fluid, Slight Discomfort If Massaged Wrong Way. (photo)

I'm exactly three weeks post op, I went 445 cc extra full profile, above muscle, under breast incision. They look great and my surgeon did an AMAZING job. However, my left breast seems to have some fluid I'm assuming. You can't see it but if I touch my lower breast fluid seems to move a bit, or sometimes when I lift my arm up I'll feel it move, when i push down on my implant I feel something other then my implant move. Is this normal? Will my body absorb it? I'm seeing my surgeon in 3 weeks.

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Fluid in breast

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Thanks for your inquiry.  Glad to hear you are happy.  It is hard to advise from your picture, but if you feel fluid try to get into your plastic surgeon's office sooner to be examined. Small amounts of fluid can absorb by themselves. Good Luck.

Possible fluid collection in BAM

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Hi Tinasa
You likely have a fluid accumulation, but obviously, only an exam can confirm.
I recommend that you visit your doctor to see if he feels it is significant, and what he might want to do about it.
Best of luck.


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Best advice is to follow up with your plastic surgeon now than waiting. It would be difficult to give you a diagnosis without an examination, especially since you state that you"can't see it". Call your surgeon. Good luck and congrats on your new look.

Kiran Polavarapu, MD
Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

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