Will 1ml be enough for my desired look? (photo)

It appears that most skin clinics and cosmetic surgeons here in London offer 1ml in each syringe. The look I'm trying to achieve (if this makes sense) is I want people to wonder whether I have lip fillers but aren't quite sure. I don't want to look overly done but I also want a noticeable difference, especially in my top lip. Will 1ml be enough? Is there a certain filler that is more voluminous or dramatic? Hope this isn't too stupid of a question. Thanks!

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Lip Fillers

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There are multiple excellent choices for lip fillers available.  Your lips are already full and nice, and if you wanted enhancement, you would likely get your desired effect with less than or around 1cc of a hyaluronic acid filler.  Make sure your injector has done plenty of lips before, as they tend to swell quickly.  Avoid NSAIDs, and Vitamin E, and Fish oils for 2 weeks prior to injection to lessen bruising and bleeding.

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