10 days post op tummy tuck and liposuction. When can I have a shower?

I had my surgery 10 days ago I still have dressings on that is being changed by my nurse tomorrow I want to know when can I habe a shower

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Shower after Surgery

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It really depends on how well you’re healing. The nurse or plastic surgeon would be able to accurately determine this with an in-person examination. Generally speaking, the incision has healed enough that showering is permissible after forty-eight hours.  Be sure to stay in touch with the plastic surgeon throughout your recovery process.

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Showering After Surgery

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Since you will see your nurse tomorrow, this would be a good time to ask. I let my Tummy Tuck patients shower after 3 days but not bath/swim. Your case may be unique and it is important that your operating surgeon or their nurse be the one advising you as they know your situation the best.

Take care

When To Shower After Tummy Tuck

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Every plastic surgeon is different, but 10 days seems a bit long to go without proper hygiene. Did your surgeon actually state that you can't shower for 10 days? Good hygiene lowers the risk of infection. In my practice, my patients shower with their drains. I advise them to place a lanyard or two shoelaces tied together loosely around their neck and attach their bulbs. This way, the bulbs are not hanging down and pulling on the skin during showering. Discuss your hygiene schedule with your plastic surgeon. This timeframe seems a bit unusual.

When can you shower after a Tummy Tuck and Liposuction?

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Congratulations on your surgery.  I allow patients to shower after a tummy tuck when the drain tubes are removed.  You did not mention drain tubes, only dressing changes.  Ideally check with your surgeon to make sure you are healed enough for showering.  Best of luck.

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Showering After Tummy Tuck

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Dear Ms. Smith,

If everything is healing well from your tummy tuck you could shower now.  If you have some wound healing issues you would need to direct this question to your operating plastic surgeon.  Good Luck

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