1 year post Rhinoplasty; Is this an infection or internal pimple? (photos)

2 days ago I was removing bugger out of my nose, however I managed to pull hair by accident with it. It seems a specific area on my nostril hurts when I touch it, and makes my left nostril look a bit bigger, I assume its due to the swelling from it. My question is ,is it an internal spot or an infection ? It is not red or anything. Just hurts when I touch and little bit of swellimg . Visiting my surgeon for evaluation is out of the question (as he is in a different country).

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Thank you for your question. It is worth discussing with the board certified facial plastic surgeon who performed your procedure. You should set up a Skype consultation with your surgeon, and then follow-up with a board certified facial plastic surgeon closer to where you live.

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1 year post Rhinoplasty; Is this an infection or internal pimple? (photos)

Discomfort is either infection, inflammation, or just irritation. If there is associated swelling and focal tenderness you may have a small infection related to the hair follicle. If this problem does not resolve on its own in the next 24-48 hours or you see any sign of worsening please see an ENT or urgent care doctor who can have a close look and see whether topical or oral antibiotics are necessary. You definitely do not want to get to a point where your nose turns red and is tender. Hope that helps!

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Acute Swelling and Pain Related to Hair Extraction, Nose

Acute painful swelling after pull on a nasal hair most likely represents an early staph infection or folliculitis. See an ENT or local Facial Plastic Surgeon for antibiotics and recommendations as soon as possible. Topical peroxide swabs to the area may offer some relief of symptoms. Sounds like you may have caught this early enough to response to Rx. 

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