TCA 2nd Peel Safe After Hypopigmentation?

I did a home TCA peel (12%) a year ago to improve hyperpigmentation and stupidly pulled a couple of scabs off early which left small white hypopigmentation marks. These small marks have improved slightly over the past year. I am thinking of having another TCA peel this time with a trained nurse. Will the TCA make the white marks worse, better or not change them? Thanks for any advice. JC

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TCA peel

  • In your case, an opinion requires a face-to-face examination.
  • Results vary with pre-care, concentration of the TCA, length of application and severity of hypopigmentation.
  • TCA peels can send blood pressure dangerously high - blood pressure must be monitored and the peel done at a safe blood pressure.
  • Having had a complication from doing one yourself, may I respectfully suggest that you now need a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist  knowledgeable about these peels?

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