2 treatments done for bladder leakage, now problems from Thermiva

For the first 16 days post I was so happy I could hold my bladder for hours then it went back to the beginning I then had the second with no results I am worse sitting standng driving I get a sudden urger and it all comes out.. I have been stuck in the mall and restaurants in ver y embarrassing situations

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Leaking urine after Thermiva #2

Urinary leakage is sometimes worsened by a UTI. Procedures which manipulate at or around the vagina can sometimes cause bladder infections and bladder infections can sometimes cause worsened urinary leakage as their only symptom. Get checked for a UTI. If you have none, see an expert in the evaluation of urinary incontinence (gyn, urogyn, or urologist) for evaluation.

Problems After ThermiVa

ThermiVa can work very well for individuals with mild bladder leakage. It is not a treatment for severe cases. At least 3 treatments are required, but sometimes more may be needed depending on each individual case. Maintenance treatments are also required. Make sure you follow up with your provider and voice your concerns. Best wishes.

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