Can Permanant Discolouration Occur After Breast Reduction Surgery? (photo)

Hello! I had a Breast Reduction at the start of August 2012 and it's now been 5 months since my operation. Although i've had no major issues with the healing process, i've been left with strange brown markings around the vertical scar line. I'm really worried about them as I have no idea what they could be and whether they will go away by themselves or if I need to have further treatment. Can any one shed any light on this? Thanks so much for reading.

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Can Permanant Discolouration Occur After Breast Reduction Surgery?

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Yes this is hyper-pigmentation of a scar. Either allowing a long healing phase like a year or using bleaching creams and retin A, IPL, or scar revision are the treatment options. Seek inn person advise.  

Brown Markings after Breast Reduction

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These brown markings are likely remnants of your old areolae, which could not be removed the first time, probably due to concerns of tension on closure.  Ask your plastic surgeon to be sure.

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