Is Ocassional Swelling, Nose Looking Plumped Up a Little, Especially in the Mornings Normal 2 Years Post Minor Revision?

I am two years post minor revision of the lower cartilage of the nose. When i wake up in the morning my nose is plumped out, a little bigger. Same happens when its hot or warm. And sometimes stays plumped out throughout most the day and shirnks again, becomes quite smaller. Is this normal for everyone?or does sthis happen to patients after having surgery?I am two years post op so I find it very strange. it does not bother me, as my nose looks better and much more even when it is swelled

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Post Surgical Swelling from Revision Rhinoplasty


Dear UK123, 

The events you discuss are typical of post operative swelling and of everyday life. In example heat, exercise will cause inflammation. Patients whether post surgery or pre surgery complain of inflammation in the morning after sleep. This is common in that your eyes will be puffy when you wake up and this reduces as time goes on after getting out of bed. You can reduce these signs by sleeping on your back slightly elevated, reduce the amount of sodium intake, and avoid excessive heat when possible. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

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