Is It Normal for the Lasered Area Not to Blister and Still Look Bruised 5 Weeks After my First Session?

So it has been 5 weeks since my first tattoo removal session and i haven't experienced any blistering and the area still looks bruised and is a sort of reddish brownish colour, i was thinking it might be hyperpigmentation if so should i still go ahead with a next session? many thanks in advance

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Tattoo laser

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Hi Quaver,

It would be more useful if you would post a picture of your tattoo along with your question.  You do not have to get blisters after laser tattoo removal, but there is usually scabbing.  You should return to see the doctor and ask for his or her advice.  I am sorry but it would be easier to have a picture.

Pleasanton Dermatologic Surgeon

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