Swelling Didn't Get Down After One Year and One Month, Zygomatic Arch Reduction. Round Moon Face, What Are my Options? (photo)

dear doctors, i had a zygoma arch reduction a year ago. I was very swollen after the surgery and it didn't change much over time. i took diueretics arnica and have done lymphaitc massages. i had 4 opinions from 4 different plastic surgeons, one told me that he would reopen to drain the liquids, another to do a facelift because the operation may have cause the tissues and muscles to sag. The oeudema is on the upper-lower cheeks jowl and around the nose. What shall i do? thank you a lot i'm desperate

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Craniofacial surgeons do amazing surgeries to help make a face more human.

What they are not so good at is reshaping the facial skeleton to perform cosmetic surgery.  The reality is that at a year if you have persistent tissue lymphedema it is from long term damage to lymphatic structures that are unlikely to fully recover.  The pictures you have provided are not great but that is not really what they suggest.  What I see is mid face asymmetry with mid face ptosis.  Facelifting will not fix this.  You need a very specific type of vertical facelift to address this.  My approach is with the use of hand carved ePTFE rim implants that serve as a felting material so there is a structurally strong location to lift the soft tissue to.  In my experience, many surgeons will have a very difficult time understanding what you issue is so extreme caution is advised.

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