How Can I Fix A Hole Due to Cocaine Abuse?

My Nostril Sill Has a Hole Due to Cocaine Abuse 10yrs Ago. It Looks Like Dark Brown Wart but Its Not, Its Just Worn Away. How can I get the sill fixed as its worn completely away and it's just the brown skin that's more pigmented aswell, it looks like black snot hanging out my nose. It's affected me mentally all these years and its very noticeable, people pick their nose indicating to me my problem thinking I don't realise it's there. Please help, I was a teen when I took drugs and I haven't since, I have paid the price psychologically aswell , please help, surgery would offset my face I know. Advice please.

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Repair of Septal Perforation

The septum, or midline cartilage partition, can be very susceptible to trauma from inhaled drugs and nasal sprays.  I am very glad to hear you are drug free.  If the area you are referring to is the septum of your nose this can be surgically repaired in most cases.  Various techniques are used depending on the size of the hole.  For smaller injuries, tissue from the surrounding areas can be advanced to close this area along with cartilage.  Larger deficiencies require additional cartilage often from the ear or rib along with mucosal covering.

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How Can I Fix A Hole Due to Cocaine Abuse?

The most important predictor of a successful repair is that you're no longer using any inhaled drugs and it sounds like that is the case. I am a little unclear about exactly where the hole or soft tissue deficit is. Regardless, soft tissue and sometimes cartilage need to be borrowed from elsewhere and used to repair the damaged tissue. I can't give any specific advice without seeing photos but these defects are usually amenable to permanent surgical repair. I hope this information is helpful.

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