Laser Treatment for Spider Veins Bigger Nose?

Hi there and thanks in advance for your replies . I had laser treatment 4 days ago for thread veins around my nose . 1 year prior to this I had the permanant alar stitch around my nostril base to hold in my nose to make it less wide . Since having the laser treatment done around this area my nose looks bigger . I Is it possible the laser had broken my intetnal stitches ? I'm freaking out . Thanks for your replies .

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Normal post laser swelling.

Laser works by heating the veins and also there is some transference of the heat to the surrounding tissues which can result in a temporary reaction causing swelling.  This will look like your nose is larger.  This should spontaneously resolve over about one week.  The laser will not affect the prior nasal surgery or the sutures that had been placed.

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Laser and internal stitches in the nose

Impossible (nothing is impossible, but very very very unlikely) for the laser to do anything like what you suggested. This tye of laser does not penetrate that deep to do the type of damage you are suggesting

Hratch Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
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