Does an Inverted V Always Require a Revision Surgery? Does the Deformity Wrsen if Revision is Not Performed?

Out of the previous photos I have posted, a surgeon has suggested I might have a very sight inverted v , but the overall result is still fairly good. I did notice that one side of my nose, at the center of nose seems to be sinking in and created a shadow, but only one side, but did not know it might be an inverted v as I have not heard of it before. When I looked it up it is very similar to what I have.If it is very slight will it get worst?I am 2 years post a minor revision (closed procedure)

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Inverted V Deformity and Possible Collapse at Two Years

   Nasal collapse is always a concern if there is aggressive resection of framework, but at 2 years you should be OK.

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Inverted V and worsening?

An inverted V deformity can develop from several things. If at two years it has not changed it most likely will not get much worse over time.  It is up to you if you want this corrected or camouflaged.

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