Will These Improve? If Not What Are my Options? (photo)

3 weeks ago I had my 10 year saline implants removed. They were overs. I have noticed them change but as soon as I take of sports bra they head south! The left is far saggier than the right (cc) in this one. All the breast tissue is at the bottom and they are flat and empty at the top. would internal stiches have helped? My PS said that I do not have enough tissue for a lift (I tend to agree). I don't want implants again but have a feeling I may. Will they change? What are my options?

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Will These Improve? If Not What Are my Options?

It would be helpful to see preop photos, and to read why you chose to have the implants removed. The photo is a bit out of focus, and it is difficult to see what is going on at the lower pole of the right (?or is this a photo in a mirror?) breast. Some fat grafting might be more acceptable to you than implants, but a better photo might help make more specific suggestions.

Thanks for your question, all the best. 

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Breast Droop after Breast Implant Removal

   The droop can be corrected with some form of breast lift.  Fat grafting could be considered.  Also, it would be useful to know why you removed them.  If you decide to replace them, I would recommend placing them under the muscle.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Removed implants and now deflated

I think you should wait a few months to see how they will finally respond, but in all likelihood they will stay loose and saggy.

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Breasts after implant removal

Since the implants were removed, your breasts have loose tissue that is hanging lower and minimal volume in the upper part of your breast, which is not likely to change significantly over time.  This is very common after removing implants, and there is no technique during the removal of implants that can solve this problem.   Your options would be to do nothing, to replace the volume with implants (or consider fat grafting), or to do a lift to remove some of the loose skin.  I do not agree that your breasts are too small for a lift - if you have loose skin, a lift can help create a more aesthetically pleasing shape to your breasts.   It will not add volume, of course, and there are scars, but often this is preferable.   I have done this often for women who do not want any implants anymore and were very small-chested to begin with.   Good luck on your decision!

Sagging Following Breast Implant Removal

Thank you for question regarding sagging following breast implant removal and for the photo.  The photo you provided shows fairly typical results following breast implant removal.  You indicate the implants were over the muscle, which is no longer considered the best placement for a saline implant. You don't state why you had the implants removed, but if it was due to wrinkling or rippling, that can be avoided by placing a new saline or gel implant under the muscle.  This would correct the loss of volume, and enhance the shape of your breasts.  Fat grafting is another good option if you do not want to have another breast implant. You should discuss all of your options with your plastic surgeon, and if you are considering fat grafting, you will want a surgeon with particular expertise and experience in the procedure.  Good luck to you. 

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Breast Implant Removal

What you are seeing is very typical after implant removal. There is breast deflation with loss of upper pole fullness and lower pole stretch. This can difficult to correct without the reintroduction of an implant. I breast lift probably would not help since your nipple position is not excessively low (better photos would help). I would consider new implants if you are willing.

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Drooping Breast

You have several options depending on what is the final results you desire, and the size you desire.

With a lift you will have to accept the scars on the breast.

fat graft is another option if you understand the full facts surrounding fat transfer to the breast.

Implants is another option.

You need to understtand the pros and cons of all the options and you will need to participate in the decision making

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