I Am 2 Years Post Minor Revision, Will my Inverted V Keep Getting Worst? (photo)

Hello, i have posted some pictur previously and two surgeons suggested that i do have an inverted v.i am getting stressed out about it and just wondering whether two years post minor revision this will be getting any worst?i do not want any further operations but i feel terryfied when i read all the stories about noses collapsing due to an inverted v etc.please help, do you think this could happen in my case??thankyou in advance

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Inverted V Deformity after 2 Years

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  If the inverted V deformity has remained stable over 2 years, it seems unlikely that it would continue to collapse. 

Inverted V

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Difficult to preduct if your inverted V willg et worse if it is like this at two years.  Only time will tell.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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