Juvederm Voluma Left Uneven Cheeks Help?

Hello, I had juvederm voluma injected in my cheeks 1 year ago. Its nearly a year now one side of my face has completely dissolved while the other cheek hasnt? my face looks uneven because of it as one cheek is flat while the other rounded. Also I am able to feel like a lump in the rounded cheek. I am extremely concerned and would like your expert opinion on what to do now? Should i wait for the product to dissolve or is this permanent?

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Juvederm in Cheeks after One Year

  If on exam there is less volume in one cheek, that cheek may need to be injected with more Juvederm if you liked it the first time.  Remaining product may be degraded with hyaluronidase as well. 

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Juvederm in the cheeks

Dear NatashaZ,

  • You should return to your injector for an evaluation
  • Juvederm tends to go away pretty quickly once it starts to resorb in your body
  • You may just need a touch up

Best regards,

Nima Shemirani

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Juvederm Voluma for cheeks

You should return to your injector for assessment of the lump to make sure it is the Voluma.  You can have the lump dissolved with hyaluronidase or if you would like to have full cheeks, have more Voluma injected on both sides for symmetry.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Uneven cheeks 1 yr after Juvederm, What to do?

First, I would recommend you see a physician to evaluate the "lump" you feel to be sure it's only product. Secondly, you have 2 choices to correct the unevenness.  Add more to the flat side or dissolve the full side with Hyaluronidase. Decide which side you like best and correct to that side.  Hope this helps! 

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