When i was rubbing my lips together I heard a clicking sound on the tip of my nose. Is that normal?

Is the clicking sound on the tip of th nose normal when you rub the lips together? I had rhinoplasty about 5 weeks ago. It was for aligning my nasal septum. Did the clicking sound misaligned the nose? My surgeon is far from me so I can't have a consultation. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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When I was rubbing my lips together I heard a clicking sound. Is that normal?

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Thank you for your query.

I do not honestly think the clicking sound is of any significance. I would suggest you discuss this with your surgeon as he is best placed to assist you.

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Clicking sound from nose

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The sound is probably either a graft or the septum and is probably meaningless as far as long term results. Since you are still relatively early in your healing I would suggest avoiding anything that purposely make it click. otherwise it may just take care of itself as you continue to heal. Contact your surgeon by email. 

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