Is this much radix reduction plausible?

Hi. I have created a superposition of a profile shot. The only thing that is changed is the nose, no other dimensions are edited. The 'new' profile is superposed onto the old. Around the nose there is an outline, this is where the current nose is. I want to know if this level of deprojection is possible? The radix, dorsum, tip are all deprojected. The columella is raised to correct droopy tip. The nasofrontal angle has been changed from nearly 145 degrees to about 120 degrees. Thanks

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Degree of reduction

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This degree of reduction is not realistic - remember the more you reduce side on them ore reductant skin will spread to the sides making your nose too wide front on - also there must be good strong structure remaining to prevent collapse - no more than half that reduction may be possible in my opinionĀ 

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