Can nostril revision be successful? (photos)

I am 8 months post rhino & the nostrils are what is really upsetting me, I think they look terrible. The right side is longer, pinched and stitched further away. normal nostrils have a nice round curve, not stuck straight down. before surgery they looked fine & curved back inwards. Do you think this could be fixed with a revision ? I'm so petrified of it looking worse but equally cannot bear to look at it forever :( Please help advise ?

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Hi LET123,From the photographs you have provided, it seems that the incision for the alar base reduction has not been sited appropriately.  You also have an elevated left nostril.  The elevated left nostril can be treated very successfully with unfurling the skin of the left nostril rim and inserting a cartilage strip.  It is more difficult to correct the alar base incision; however, a qualified plastic surgery who specialises in nose surgery will probably be able to significantly improve this area.Best,Warwick Nettle

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Revision rhino

This problem can be fixed with revision surgery. You will need to wait approximately 12 months prior to considering this unfortunately.


Yes these can be revised if needed. Nostrils are a delicate structure that need careful handling by the surgeon to ensure they maintain their natural curve and without leaving a visible scar with a notch. You need to see your surgeon for advice. Most surgeons advise that you wait 12 months before thinking about any revision. 

Rajan Uppal, MBBS, FRCS
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