Would you advise FUE or FUT for female hair transplant to replace lost sideburns after facelift? Pros & cons of each procedure?

I had a facelift in 2014 which resulted in the loss of my sideburns (due to incisions being placed in the hair instead of at hairline) & also some posterior hairloss where the incision went horizontally into my hair. I've been told I need 900 grafts. I didn't like the idea of a scar in my scalp so wanted FUE but am told FUT is more reliable. Any advice? How big would the strip need to be for 900 grafts & wouldn't it raise the hairline at the nape of neck once the strip is removed higher up?

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The reliability of an FUE of FUT procedure is really just dependent on the surgeon performing them, not on the procedures themselves. If you find someone with a lot of FUE experience and follow the instructions given to you post-procedure it has an incredibly low risk factor. Note that while FUT does have significant scarring, FUE isn't scarless- the scars are just much less noticeable. It's hard to make a recommendation on what action you should take without seeing you in person, so I'd suggest seeing a few doctors to hear what they suggest and going from there.

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FUE is just a harvesting method. It does not relate to results. If you want to keep your hair very short you may want the FUE

FUE is just a harvesting method.  It does not relate to results.  FUE statistically will give you less (worse) results when compared to the FUT (strip) surgery.  If you want to keep your hair very short you may want the FUE.  If you are a woman FUT would be a better option in general.  Note: FUE requires shaving your head.  FUT does not require shaving.

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Post face lift scarring

Would recommend FUE, and you could keep your hair long.  You will recover more quickly, won't have another scar to contend with, and the procedure will be seamless. 

Also 900 grafts seems a bit high number for covering 2 smaller scars.  Of course, pictures is worth a thousand words. 

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Hair Transplant after Facelift

We have used the FUE method on numerous patients for this exact same thing. We have even used the Neograft FUE technology to "core out" the scars and help to make them a little smaller. If we can get blood supply from the area surrounding the scar tissue we can transplant hair in to this area as well. It is really a matter of preference for the patient depending on what the pros and cons of either procedure matter most to them.  

Cory Torgerson, MD, PhD, FRCSC
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Loss of sideburns after a face lift

You report that you have Loss of sideburns after a face lift. I have treated dozens of such patients. Most woemn prefer strip surgery because they do not need their hair shaved.

William Rassman, MD
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