Can i have filler placed around the lips and not in the actual lip? (photo)

i want filler in my cupids bow or under the cupids bow, and possibly a tiny bit in the bottom lip opinions please. also if i have filler under the cupids bow would it show a slight bit of teeth as i like that look. i personally really don't like the look of filled lips at all so want to steer clear of filler in the top lip or around the lip line. i want my lips to look natural as possible, i don't want big lips i just want a nice shape.

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Lip injection with filler

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Great question. You have full lips to begin with so I think you are correct in not wanting more filler in the body of the lips. I do, however, think your lower lip is smaller then your upper lip and could use a little bit of volume. I also notice an asymmetry in the upper lip which could be corrected with filler. Yes, filler can be injected along the border of the lips (vermillion border). I usually prefer Juvederm Ultra for injection into the lip body and something like Belotero or Restylane Silk for the lip border. I recommend you see an experienced injector for a detailed in person assessment. 

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