Can a fibroadenoma be removed in an uplift and augmentation procedure?

Hello, I have a 2cm benign fibroadenoma on my breast which I wanted to get removed before going for an augmentation consultation. However, the breast surgeon at the NHS said that to reduce risks this job should be carried out at the same time that I am having the plastic surgery. What are the risks and options? Any recomendations in the London area of clinics who could do this? Thanks!

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Can a fibroadenoma be removed in an uplift and augmentation procedure?

Thank you for the question. A lesion that has been worked up and found to be a benign (such as a fibroadenoma)  can be removed during the time of breast augmentation/lifting surgery. This is especially true if the lesion is close to the planned incisions for the breast surgery.   Best wishes. 

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Breast lump removal during augmentation mastopexy


It really depends where your fibbroadenoma is in your breast. If it is close to the surgical planes for the augmentation mastopexy, then it usually can be removed, however it is far away then it may not be suitable to do at the same time. Your chosen surgeon should be able to advise you what is best.

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