Is it possible to achieve these kind of cheeks when I smile with fillers/buccal fat removal? (Photo)

Right now I have barely any cheekbones to speak of. It doesn't bother me a huge deal when I don't smile, but when I do smile it kind of looks like all the volume is around my lower face. I would like to have cheeks like Irina Shayk when I smile. Can I do this with fillers or would it be so much filler it would droop and look odd? Or do I need to get buccal fat removal instead for this?

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Cheekbone enhancement solutions

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It is very possible to achieve a look similar to Irina's with the use of filler alone, strategically and skilfully placed under the skin. Fillers however are a temporary solution and will require regular touch up treatments. The look can be further enhanced by buccal fat removal if there is enough fat, which would be give you a more permanent result. However my personal recommendation would always be to try the dermal fillers first before considering a surgical solution. You may be pleasantly surprise with the result. 

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