How to Fix my Long Face / Chin? (photo)

I have a long narrow face and prominent chin, which seems out of balance as i have small mouth and other features. my side profile is ok but straight on, when i smile, it protrudes is there something i could do to get more balance? ie lip fillers or i heard something about botox to smooth a chin line? chin reduction?! I had reconstructive nose surgery years ago as i broke it badly a couple times as a child. it was successful although my profile is quite flat which exaggerates the chin / jaw

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Long face

The facial growth pattern is quite common. The lower jaw 'grows at a steeper angle'' and the frontal view seems to make the face look longer/taller and thinner. Often, the upper jaw smile line is altered as well.

The most complete management is to consider a reduction of the chin height along with the augmentation/lengthening of the 'angle/ramus' of the jawline. This is very effective to alter the shape of the face and keep a natural balance. 

You can 'research'  the title 'Long face syndrome' in the Facial literature (similar concept which occurs in varying degrees of severity).

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