Asymmetry of Breasts Post Surgery? (photo)

I am 2 weeks post op tomorrow after having my original implants removed due to being PIP implants. I am generally happy with the shape of my breasts however the left is much wider larger and lower and almost swings out to the left. The left is not bruised like the right is however is far more painful, I can almost feel the implant moving as I walk or move. It has an almost watery sensation which I didn't think you got with silicone implants. I am too embarrassed to add photos as I feel deformed

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Asymmetry of Breasts Post Surgery? Change of PIP implants

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Thank you for your question. From your description, you might be experiencing a seroma, small collection of clear fluid ("watery" sensation); this would justify the larger volume. However, as my australian colleague has already mention, it might also depend on the difference in size and shape from the old implants to the new one.

It is very difficult to make a precise diagnosis without a physical examination.

I would therefore advice you to contact your surgeon and be assessed. I am sure he will offer you the right advice. 

All the best.

Andrea Marando


Capsulorrhaphy in Breast Re-Augmentation

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Breast re-augmentation (breast implant exchange) requires extra consideration of the breast pocket when compared to primary breast augmentation. In primary breast augmentation, the surgeon can create the pocket to ideally fit the implant. In re-augmentation, however, the new implant is often a different size and shape. Accordingly, the capsule needs to be adjusted to accommodate this new implant. There are several ways to perform this adjustment of the breast capsule (capsulorrhaphy). If this is not performed correctly, the pocket may be either too large or too small for the new implant. If the pocket is too small, the implant can ripple or otherwise be visible and malpositioned. If the pocket is too large, the implant can migrate toward the axilla (armpit) or even across the midline (synmastia). Some surgeons prefer to utilize a sports bra postoperatively (for 3-4 weeks) to help to position the new breast implants within the corrected breast capsules. The breast implants will also settle into their new position over the course of the first month or two postoperatively. Close follow up with your plastic surgeon is best to communicate your concerns and goals.

Breasts will continue to shape up after two weeks post breast implant removal.

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After your breasts are totally healed they should not look much different than before you had the implants placed originally. It two weeks there is still swelling and you must allow this time to resolve.

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