How complicated is it to add width to the nose in a revision?

I had two previous was a minor touch up.i have very thin tip work was done and profile is difficult would it be to widen my nose if using spreadder grafts?is this the most complicated. Procesure amd has a low rate of sucess?I am really worried as my skinny nose is taking my face out of proportion. I am scared of another surgery but I dont want to live like this.worrying and hating my nose every single day.plz someone suggest what can be done.thank you

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How complicated is it to add width to the nose in a revision?

You have done your research. Spreader grafts can increase the width in the middle portion of the nose. As for difficult? Revision rhinoplasty is difficult and the best results come from experienced hands. Seek a consultation with a board certified surgeon with expertise in revision rhinoplasty. Your surgeon should be able to examine your nose on the inside and outside and discuss your surgical goals with you.

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Revision rhinoplasty candidate for spreader grafts to widen the nose

To widen the nose reverse medial osteotomies advanced cartilaginous spreader grafts are placed in the mid vault of the nose to widen than those and hold it open. It's important to know whether not there is any cartilage left on the inside of the nose for grafting purposes. If there is a cartilage depleted nose from previous surgery than ear cartilage would be an acceptable alternative for the spreader grafts.
For many examples of widening a narrow nose, please see the link below to our rhinoplasty photo gallery

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